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A Goddess a Day
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Women Celebrating Milestones
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How often do you get the chance to celebrate a significant milestone ? Not very often and Hollywood aside, you only turn 40 once.. Our milestones should be shouted from the rooftops and cheered by our friends. We should be carried through the streets in midday processions with rose petals, cymbals and dancing elephants. That's a little hard to get these days, but you can have most of it without the zoo.

The Harvest Festival in honour of the great god Lugh, Lord of Light

Five Ways to celebrate Lughnasadh
How can we celebrate this festival in modern times?. Here are some simple ways which involve nothing more than eating and contemplating. And perhaps a little house-cleaning.

The Heroine's Journey
Silver Magpie will be sharing her journey of discovery with us as she travels into her third age, that of the Crone. In April of 2005, through the imagery of the Goddess, she came to use The Morrighan as a mentor and since then uses the Hag aspect as a tool for healing.

The Crone
A joyous celebration for the post menopausal woman! After the vagaries of hormones during the years of the Change, celebrate the new You that's emerged in the role of Wise Woman

Significant Senior Birthdays. Create a Ceremony that shows what you have achieved so far and how you intend to continue. Your 56th birthday is your first 'senior milestone'

Divorce - Release - Family Change
When we are released from a deep committment, we need to mark this significant change with a ceremony of acceptance. A Release Ceremony crosses a psychological threshold, it cleanses past negativity and declares your independence. For post-divorce, or when children reach their majority, and/or leave your home and care.

A major change has occurred, your life no longer runs to the rhythms of work outside of the home. You need a celebration to announce you have passed this threshold and to reinforce your personal future. Craft a ceremony that sums up your work contributions and allows you to set out resolutions for your new life

The Grandmother
What better way to welcome your new role and to greet your grandchild? Being a grandmother doesn't come naturally, and it's a timely reminder of our own life span. Accept your new responsibilities and announce your joy with a Grandmother Celebration

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